Terms & Conditions for FOR RENTING OF CONFERENCEROOM (27 Seat) / SEMINAR HALLS (127 Seat)

1. 100% rent shall be paid in advance by way of Demand Draft in favour of Director Information Technology, Chandigarh atleast 03 working days before the event date along with application form and terms & conditions duly signed by the party at Office of Director I.T., 5TH Floor, Additional Deluxe Building, Sector 9D, Chandigarh

2. Service tax and other taxes as applicable on the rent shall be payable by the renter seperatly in form of demand draft in favour of Society for Promotion of IT in Chandigarh.

3. The renter shall also deposit one third of the advance payment or minimum Rs 1000/-­­ (higher amount of the two) as interest free security deposit in form of demand draft in favour of Director Information Technology, Chandigarh. The security deposit shall be refunded to the renter post conclusion of the event after deduction of any sum(s) due from the renter by way of rent, recovery for loss / damage / theft etc. If the norms have been violated then the security shall stand forfeited and if the damage or defiance is more than the security deposit then charges as decided by Director I.T. have to be paid by the interested party. No cheques/Cash shall be accepted for booking charges.

4. In case the interested party withdraws &/or cancels the booking before 48 working hours of beginning of event then 10 % shall be deducted of the advance payment and if booking is cancelled within 48 hours of beginning of event 100% payment shall stand forfeited.

5. The halls shall be used only for the purpose and event mentioned in the application form.

HVAC system of the EDC building is not supported by power backup.

6. The renter shall keep the halls in safe and in good condition and in the event of any damages, breakages, loss, theft etc being caused to the halls or any part of the EDC building including the open areas due to negligence or otherwise of the renter or any of its employees / authorised persons / participants, the renter shall make good the loss caused to the Chandigarh Administration on account of such damages, breakages, loss, theft etc immediately by way of deduction from security deposits or otherwise.

7. The renter shall hand over the halls in the same condition as at the time taken on rent by him after arranging for cleaning / repairs, if any, placement of chairs etc in proper positions.

Smoking and serving & consumption of liquor in the EDC building is strictly prohibited.

8. The renter shall not cause any nuisance and shall refrain from doing anyact which might be objectionable or cause disturbance to the occupants of the building.

9. Chandigarh Administration shall in no way be responsible, directly or indirectly, for any intellectual property rights violations, violation of environmental or fire safety or any other norms by the renter.

10. It shall be understood that the event being organised by the renter is not sponsored or endorsed by the Chandigarh Administration in any manner.


Period Seminar Hall (Rs) Conference Hall (Rs)
Full day (9AM to 5 PM) 10,000/-­­ for extra hours or less than hour – Rs. 1300/-­­ per hour 6,000/-­­ for extra hours or less than hour – Rs. 800/-­­ per hour
Half day (9AM to 1PM or 2 PM to 6PM) 6,000/-­­ for extra hours or less than hour – Rs. 1500/-­­ per hour 3,500/-­­ for extra hours or less than hour – Rs. 900/-­­ per hour

I. Above 5 PM on full day booking and above 6 pm on half day booking per hour extra charge will be levied.

II. Electricity charges extra (Rs. 250 per hours of less than an hour)

III. Service Tax: 14.5 % extra

IV. Extra Rs. 50/-­­ per standy; Rs. 500/-­­ per banner within premises;

V. Extra Rs. 2000/-­­ per banner displayed on outer side of the boundary wall.


This in reference to the advertisement published on 03/ 07/ 17 in main edition of The Tribune and other leading Newspapers in the Country for allotment of Space at Spic Incubation Centre at EDC building.
In the online application form available at www.spicindia.com under the document to be attached section Startup Registration Certificate should be read as Company Registration Certificate.